Martial Arts

for Kids

Karate kid is a thing of the past

-the future is called Tescao

The martial arts school TESCAO Volenko offers innovative martial arts for children and teenagers.
Tescao is a living combat art that takes the latest knowledge from sports medicine into account.

In his classes, Igor Volenko conveys your child the joy of movement. In combination with the required discipline and the feeling of success when mastering the exercises, your child develops his or her self-confidence.

Each child is supported step-by-step according to his or her abilities.

New and ever more demanding drills guarantee constant growth.

The variety of Tescao leaves no room for boredom and prevents one-sided physical strain.

Your child not only gains general health, but also improves strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

180 square meters of training space and a large choice of different equipment support Igor Volenko’s varied training programme.



We offer boxing training suitable for children and young adults. The children can let off steam on the punching bag and gain their first experience in sparring.


Through grappling and contact drills, the children improve together step-by-step and grow with their challenges..


Recognising one’s own strengths and weaknesses leads to a better self-assessment. We teach self-defense and strengthen your ability to assert yourself.

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